Campfire. Coolness of the morning. Dew on the grass. It is quiet and peaceful, except for the occasional bird and the sound of thick cut bacon sizzling in the skillet. I love breakfast by a campfire! The smell of burning wood and bacon has power–it can comfort and definitely makes one hungry. The biggest thing … Continue reading Comfort

Smelly Socks

I don’t claim to know much about writing. To be completely honest, I am nowhere close to being talented in the art. There is one thing that I can certainly tell you though, and that is what dirty socks smell like. That’s right… dirty, smelly socks. Socks so smelly that my beautiful, and compassionate wife … Continue reading Smelly Socks

Dirty & Unsanitary

The tent is set up in just the right spot of the campground. Fire is burning gently throwing a blanket of aromatic smoke over the campsite. Camp chairs are carefully arranged around the campfire. They are ready for the best part of camping–a time around the campfire with great stories and food. Speaking of food… … Continue reading Dirty & Unsanitary


It is just a typical, gloomy, early spring day in Belarus in the mid 90’s. The day is overcast with piles of dirty snow on the street that are still melting, keeping the roads and sidewalks wet and dirty. It is damp and cold–the kind of damp and cold that goes through your clothes all the … Continue reading Contacts

No Regrets

Ringing… Ringing… No, it is music.  What is it?  It is such familiar tune.  I know I have heard it before.  Wait, yes, I recognize it now.  My alarm is going off!!!  It is morning once again.  A new day and it is time to get up and get ready for work.  Have you ever had … Continue reading No Regrets


Eyes are fixed on the road, staring straight ahead I am looking for the turn onto my street.  Cars, people, houses, farms, trees, creek are just a blur.  They simply are objects between my office and my home.  Another exhausting day at work and all I want is just to get home.  Dinner, a little … Continue reading Blur